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Supporting Schools, Pupils, and Parents Through the School Closures

30/03/2020 Scott

As schools closed on the 20th March, up to 8 million pupils in England were left without a clear idea of when (indeed if, for Year 6, 11 and 13 pupils) they would be returning to their classrooms again. This is the first countrywide school shutdown in modern British history and a time of deep uncertainty for everyone.

Faced with this situation Teaching Personnel has quickly taken practical steps to help support pupils, teachers, schools and parents through this challenging time.

Online Teaching

On 24th March, we launched a service that allowed us to provide schools with access to online teaching.  Using the largest database of flexible education professionals, we are able to support their pupils during a school closure. Making use of technology developed by our sister company, Bramble, we can create online classroom sessions for schools and pupils as required.

Helping Schools

The online teaching service provides schools with a flexible provision which can be tailored quickly to an individual pupil’s needs. The online teachers are drawn from Teaching Personnel’s pool of thoroughly checked and vetted qualified teachers and learning support assistants.

The range of candidates, coupled with the reliability of the Bramble platform, means schools have quickly been able to provide their pupils with a safe and practical way of maintaining learning and engagement.

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Helping Educators

Over 2,000 teachers and teaching assistants signed up for the opportunity of taking part in online teaching within the first 24 hours of the system going live. With schools closing, this was an excellent opportunity for people to continue earning a living while acquiring new skills and helping schools and pupils.

Helping Pupils

With schools closed and the country on lock-down, there is a real risk that pupils will regress and lose the skills they have been working on in class. Online teaching sessions will help children help to maintain learning and keep skills sharp until schools reopen.

Helping Parents

Online teaching sessions can be a real benefit to parents who are facing the reality of home-schooling their children, and help them to balance working from home, providing education and maintaining family life a little more easily.

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