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Introducing SupplyMaps

A world of useful data

SupplyMaps provides MAT Leaders a clear view of supply staff activity across multiple school sites. The platform's user-friendly dashboards help you monitor the information you need at-a-glance, including supply staff activity, spending and quality.

  • Quality - Monitor the quality of temporary staff working in your schools. 
  • Cost Savings - Access preferential rates for schools across the group. 
  • Visibility - See how supply staff are being deployed across your network. 
  • Management - Maintain control of agency staff arrangements. 
  • Reporting - Provide detailed reports to share with your peers. 
  • Influence -  Embed a common approach across all schools. 
  • Value - Drive value through data and best practices. 
  • Efficiencies - Reduce time spent managing supply staff activity.

Introducing SupplyMaps

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