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myTP Work

myTP Work App Put your working life in the palm of your hand

Make your teaching career more manageable with our myTP Work app.

Become the first to know about new jobs, handle your bookings, manage your diary and stand out to employers. All in one app.

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myTP Work App


Our educators are the driving force behind everything we do! We have taken into account feedback and upgraded the myTP Work App.

‘Work Preference' and 'Travel Info' sections have been added to the Account Profile page. Add your work preference and travel info to better match your profile to potential opportunities.

Also included in this release; background improvements in availability setting and minor bug fixes and enhancements.

myTP Work app features

✔ Update your availability while on the go

Get notifications about the best new jobs as they're posted

View your working diary with one tap

Live directions to wherever you're working

Instantly update your COVID status to clear school checks

⟳ Message your branch through the app (coming soon)

 Track your timesheets from completion to the moment your money hits the bank

✔ Your payslips on-the-go: filter, view, download

New   Work Preference & Travel Info: better match your profile to job opportunities

How it works

myTP Work is built with the pressures of a modern teacher's working life in mind.

The app helps you define your own schedule and take control of your time. 

myTP Work App: Update your work availability

 Set your availability

Tell local schools when you want to work

Get the latest booking invites with myTP Work Get new job notifications

Hear about the best new roles the moment they're posted.

Accept and decline booking invites with myTP Work Accept and decline jobs

Take the initiative, wherever you are.

See the app in action

Get the most out of the myTP Work app.

Download myTP Work on the App Store Get myTP Work on Google Play

App support

Find out how the app works in more detail by clicking through to our support page below.


What educators say

Take a look at what educators say about myTP Work. Let us know how the app is working for you. 

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