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Attendance Mentors

Missing School = Missing Out

Thousands of children are missing out on their education. By 2023 the persistent rate of absenteeism in England had risen to 22%. By the autumn term, more than 125,000 pupils were severely absent. 

That’s the equivalent of 435 primary schools. More than double the pre-pandemic level. Working together we can work to change this.

Available immediately, our Attendance Mentors equip pupils with coping strategies and motivate them to get back into the classroom, improve their ongoing attendance and thrive within the school environment.  

Our Mentors will:

  • Support absent pupils to get back into the classroom.
  • Work one-to-one or in small group settings to improve attendance.
  • Focus on the personal and learning objective the schools set.
  • Develop a trusting, honest relationship with the pupils they work with.
  • Use proven strategies to raise self-confidence and learner expectations.
  • Provide targeted support in line with existing care plans.

Our mentors have experience working within schools but come from a variety of backgrounds including mental health support, welfare, youth work and the military.

Our Mentors are fully cleared and available to book today from just £150 per day.

How attendance impacts outcomes

Every moment in school counts. Being in school is vital to your pupil’s attainment, well-being and safety. Evidence shows there is a significant link between attainment and absenteeism. Data shows that 84% of Key Stage 2 pupils who had 100% attendance achieved the expected standard, compared to 40% of pupils who were persistently absent across the key stage with a similar picture across Key Stage 1.

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How Attendance Mentors work

Teaching Personnel's Mentors are available immediately and work flexibly within your structure to achieve results with the pupils who need the most help.

Support in School

In school, our Mentors work 1-to-1 with the pupils to provide coping strategies, support and encouragement. A mentor could work intensively with up to 10 children across your school, and provide general support outside of the the mentoring sessions.

Outside of School

Where working in school is not feasible, sessions can take place in the family home or community settings and other safe places for 1-to-1 work. In this way the mentor is quickly improve confidence to get the pupil attending regularly.

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Scheduling and Reviewing

We recommend Mentors are booked in blocks of 10 weeks to provide time to gain the trust of your pupils and for tangible progress to  be achieved. We help schedule mentors to maximise effectiveness. The impact the mentors is reviewed at the end of the block

Available training for Attendance Mentors

All of our attendance mentors will have completed a one-day training course authored by our award winning mental health and wellbeing partner Thrive. Additionally, Teaching Personnel provides mandatory Safeguarding training and a range of relevant CPD. 

The Thrive
Developmental Model

The Thrive developmental model training ensures our Mentors understand how young people develop socially and emotionally, and how to identify and develop age-appropriate attitudes and behaviours so that young people are ready to attend school and engage in learning.  

Supporting all the
Pupil's Needs

In addition to Safeguarding as standard, Teaching Personnel runs regular CPD ideal for Teaching Assistants, Teachers and Mentors  including workshops on adopting a trauma informed approach, providing practical approaches for working with your pupils.  

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Level 2 & 3
Short Courses

Teaching Personnel provides access to a range of highly relevant level 2 and 3 certificated courses via our partner company LMP Education. These include working with SEND Children and Understanding Children's Mental Health   

Being in School Matters

Download the free guide 

Our partners at Thrive Approach have developed a useful guide to help you tackle low attendance. Discover how to initiate sustainable change and gain practical tips to improve attendance rates in schools and settings with their free guide.

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