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Your pay

Our pay rates are based on experience, qualifications, flexibility, demand and availability. On registering with Teaching Personnel we will take these aspects into account and ensure you receive a competitive rate of pay that you are entirely satisfied with and ensures you receive the regularity of work you desire.


How often will you get paid?

We pay all staff on a weekly basis (Fridays). Payment is subject to us receiving a signed/approved timesheet for the work completed.


Getting paid on time

To enable us to process your payment, all days worked must have a corresponding timesheet authorised by a relevant contact at the school where you are working.  Timesheets for days worked must be submitted by Monday 5pm at the latest (following week the work was completed).  There are a number of ways we support you in the timesheet process with a large number of schools authorising timesheets online.  We also plan to release a timesheet app in the near future. 



More Candidate Benefits

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