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TP Tokens

Our TP Tokens scheme lets you decide how our charitable donations are allocated.

Every time you work ten days through Teaching Personnel you will receive an electronic TP Token by email.  You can donate each TP Token to one of our five chosen charity pots. It’s up to you which charities you wish to support. 

At the end of the year Teaching Personnel will donate money to each charity based on the number of TP Tokens each charity has in their pot. The more TP Tokens in a charity’s pot, the bigger the donation. 

Our chosen charities for 2024

Family Action Org 

Since 1869, Family Action has been dedicated to supporting families through all kinds of challenges. We provide practical help and emotional support to anyone in need, advocating for the importance of family and representing evolving family needs. 

With over 160 community-based and national services, we currently assist over 60,000 families. 

Additionally, we support over 350,000 school pupils with the National School Breakfast Programme, ensuring they start their day with a nutritious meal.

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Go Beyond

We're a small charity making a big impact for UK children in need of a break. Without our supporters, children caring for ill parents, struggling with food poverty, or falling behind in school wouldn't get a break. 

Go Beyond provides magical experiences—camping under wide skies, making new friends, and enjoying adventures. Over 30 years, we've given 19,000+ vulnerable children week-long breaks, offering fun, laughter, and hope. 

Our expert staff and dedicated volunteers help children facing adversity to escape, believe in themselves, and dream of a brighter future.

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Little Lives UK

Little Lives UK are proud to be a children’s charity who support disabled and disadvantaged children and young people to help them build stronger futures.

Working within our communities we identify some of the major problems that children are facing and organise projects that will help try to resolve these issues.

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Magic Breakfast

Magic Breakfast provides healthy breakfasts to children and young people in the UK who arrive at school too hungry to learn, The charity works with over 1,000 Primary, Secondary, ASL/Special Educational Needs Schools, and Pupil Referral Units in disadvantaged areas, offering breakfasts to over 200,000 children to ensure they start their school day with the energy and nutrition they need to be able to make the most of their morning lessons.

Magic Breakfast aims to end hunger as a barrier to education in UK schools through the provision of healthy breakfasts to children living with food insecurity.

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War Child UK

War Child UK is dedicated to supporting children affected by conflict, striving for a safe future for every child enduring war. Over 30 years, we've focused on children's psychological wellbeing, the reintegration of former child soldiers, ensuring education persists amidst adversity and and protecting children from the impacts of war.

Operating in fourteen countries, we fund schooling, offer informal education in safe spaces, and provide digital learning materials. 

Additionally, we collaborate with local partners to offer vocational skills and apprenticeships, creating pathways to sustainable income and future security for children and their families.

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What our past TP Token beneficiaries say

Thank you so much for your kind donation, it is really appreciated. Your support will help us to make a fast, direct and life changing difference to a disabled child and their family.


I just wanted to extend my thanks for your incredibly kind donation and for supporting our work with and for children in care and young care leavers.

Become Charity

Thanks so much for reaching out and supporting us.

Football Beyond Borders

Thank you for the generous donation!

Kids Out

Thank you so much for letting us know how much was raised for our charity. That's really great to hear! And thank you for including us in your charity campaign!

Music for All


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