The CPD Academy is an online portal where you can browse and book the most relevant up-to-date CPD courses available.
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Teaching Personnel's CPD Academy

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CPD Academy


What is the CPD Academy?

Teaching Personnel’s CPD Academy was created to support the ongoing professional development of our registered teachers and learning support staff.  

The CPD Academy is an online service providing you with a ranging of tools to support you in your career.

CPD Academy Tools and Benefits

  • Browse and book discounted online training courses. We have several education courses available to help you develop your skills. 
  • Free downloadable lesson resources. Find and download lesson materials to support you in the classroom.
  • Book Shop. Access discounted educational publications through our partners at Bloomsbury.
  • Update your CV. Add new skills and experience to ensure your CV is always up to date.
  • Your personal statement. Easily upload, access, and edit your personal statement.
  • Interview and trial day guidance. Read our guides to help you prepare for success at interviews and trials days.

We are proud of our focus on continuous professional development and increasingly see its impact being felt through satisfied client schools delighted with the quality of staff we provide. This continues to translate into an increasing number and variety of roles being made available to our registered teachers and teaching assistants.


How can I get access the CPD Academy?

The CPD Academy is available to teachers and learning support staff registered with Teaching Personnel. Get access easily by following the steps outlined below.

  • Register. Fill in the registration form and become part of our teaching and learning support staff. Not yet registered with Teaching Personnel? Register with us 

  • Get access to myTP. myTP, our online educator portal hosts all the information you need to manage your work with us. It is also home to our CPD Academy.

  • Browse the CPD Academy. Once logged in to myTP you will see CPD Academy in the menu.

CPD Academy ResourcesWhat resources does the CPD Academy offer?

Online CPD courses

The online portal offers multiple courses. Stay up to date with the industry's latest requirements. Take a course and get a certificate today.

Free Teaching Resources 

Teaching Personnel has teamed with TeachPitch, a cloud-based learning platform offering teachers & schools a resolution to the problem of information abundance through content curation, artificial intelligence, and online training.

Access close to 200,000 videos, audio sources, activities & worksheets, articles & reports, courses, exams & tests, games, lesson plans & curricula sourced from over 235 platforms, including:

Teaching Resources

Access Teaching ResourcesWhat resources does the CPD Academy offer?

1. Register with us and log in to the myTP portal. Your login details will be provided once your registration is complete.

3. Access. In order to access the discounted courses and free TeachPitch resources, you need to be registered with us as a teacher or learning support staff.

2. The CPD Academy. The top menu gives you quick access to your profile, resources, pay, and more. Click on CPD Academy. 

4. Click on Free Resources. The drop-down menu lists the resources available through the CPD Academy. In order to access the teaching material, head over to 'Free Resources'. 

5. Search and filter. Look up the resources by keyword and sort your results by subject, students' age, format, length, and source. 

Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources


Not yet registered with Teaching Personnel? Register with us 


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