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School celebrates as ten pupils pass Mensa test

11/10/2017 Joanna

Teachers at a school in Bristol have been startled to learn just how smart some of their students are, after no less than ten of them were invited to join Mensa after getting more than 140 in their IQ tests.

The pupils at St Bede's Catholic College in Bristol included two who scored 161, only a point lower than the highest possible mark in the test. None of the ten scored less than 148, the Daily Mail reports.

A mark of 161 is a point higher than scientific geniuses albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Isabel Romero, who along with Molly Dolan beat the two famous physicists, told the paper: "When I found out I was selected for Mensa, I was really excited and agreed to do it because it was a new opportunity and I was curious to know my score. When I received my results I was quite surprised and really happy."

Vice principal at the school Rob King said: "We are absolutely delighted to have such amazing students at St Bede's. They are a credit to the college and their families.

"Being invited to become a member of Mensa will be a huge boost for these students as they begin Year 10 and their GCSE courses."

Just as those taking up teaching vacancies will often have to grapple with the difficult task of getting pupils of low ability to make the most of whatever abilities they have, there can also be a challenge involved in ensuring the brightest students are sufficiently stretched when their abilities are far beyond those of most of their classmates. 

At St Bede's the high number of exceptionally talented pupils does at last mean they will not be isolated individuals, as might often be the case elsewhere. 

Mensa does not publicly confirm who all its members are, but its website states that those believed to be members or at least qualified to be include not just Professor Hawking, but other well-known Britons such as Carol Vorderman, author Zoe Barnes, journalist Gary Bushell and footballer Joey Beauchamp.

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