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Wales launches new National Network for Excellence in Mathematics

18/07/2017 Joanna

The Welsh government has announced the launch of a new collaborative network that will aim to raise standards of maths teaching across the nation's schools.

Bringing together schools, colleges, universities and the four regional education consortia, the National Network for Excellence in Mathematics will be backed by £3.2 million in funding and will see the various partners working hand-in-hand to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and numeracy in Wales, in support of new curriculum developments.

It will carry out a number of different roles, including offering extra support to develop leadership in maths and help schools work together in support of higher standards, while also aiding teaching professionals - including teaching assistants, further education lecturers and others - to develop improved classroom practice.

Additionally, schools and colleges will receive guidance and access to conferences and events on effective teaching practice, alongside a new dedicated online maths zone on the Hwb learning website, with new accredited evidence-based professional development programmes for teaching staff set to be introduced to improve their mathematics knowledge and their skill in teaching the subject.

This new initiative has been launched at an event at Cardiff High School by Welsh education secretary Kirsty Williams and renowned maths expert Dr Hannah Fry, who highlighted the need for new methods to be developed to make the subject more compelling and interesting for pupils.

Ms Williams said: "Our new National Network for Excellence in Maths uses Wales' ability to come together, to share understanding of what works best, and to support each other in raising standards and our ambitions for excellence.

"The network will capture the best knowledge, expertise and experience from our universities, schools, consortia and others for the benefit of our young people."

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