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New government measures announced to bolster teacher recruitment

03/10/2017 Joanna

The government has announced a number of new measures and initiatives that aim to bolster teacher recruitment and training.

As part of a wider series of education and skills measures announced by the Department of Education, it has been confirmed that a new student loan reimbursement programme for science and modern foreign language teachers will be made available to staff in the early years of their careers.

A pilot scheme trialling this measure is expected to benefit around 800 language teachers and 1,700 science teachers a year, with interventions targeted in the areas of the country that are most in need of these skills.

Under this new proposal, a typical teacher in their fifth year of work would benefit by around £540 through reimbursement, with those that take on additional responsibilities standing to see higher gains.

Meanwhile, new bursaries in maths are also set to be piloted, with upfront payments of £20,000 and early retention payments of £5,000 in the third and fifth year, as well as increased payouts of £7,500 available for top maths teachers who agree to teach in more challenging schools.

Additionally, a £30 million investment is being made to help provide tailored support for schools that are having the most difficulties with recruitment and retention, including investment in professional development training. To complement this, Northern Powerhouse funding will be offered to teacher training providers to expand their reach in challenging areas in the north.

A government statement said the overall purpose of these initiatives is to "help increase the supply of great teachers to the schools that need them the most".

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