This is how you can make sure that teaching is the right career choice for you
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How to discover whether you really want to become a teacher

07/05/2021 Alex

Teaching is one of the most enduringly popular career choices for university leavers, with an astonishing 13.5% of recent graduates securing jobs in this sector in 2016/17. And no wonder – becoming a teacher offers you the chance to make an incalculable difference in people’s lives by sharing your knowledge and passions.

If you think that teaching might be your calling too, then Teaching Personnel’s Future Teachers Programme can put you in the perfect position to find out for sure with a paid placement at one of our partner schools. Teaching is a vocation that requires real dedication, and we want to give you the tools to decide whether it really is the right career path for you.

How to discover whether you really want to become a teacher

Think about your skillset.

There’s no set type of person that can or can’t become a teacher. If you’re a natural communicator who never passes up the chance to bend people’s ears about your favourite topics, then you might relish the opportunity to develop your enthusiasms into structured lesson plans that grab pupils’ attention.

Strong organisational skills are always a plus when working in schools, but arguably the most important trait you need is a deep sense of devotion to making a positive impact on children’s lives. Everything else springs from that commitment.

Try it first-hand

Experience is the best teacher, and that’s as true for teachers themselves as anyone else! The best way to see if teaching sets off that spark is to get into the classroom.

A teaching placement or internship will give you an insight into the nuts and bolts of the profession. Whether or not you ultimately choose to commit yourself to becoming a teacher, you’ll make a positive impact on children’s lives and get a valuable glimpse of education in motion.

How Teaching Personnel can help you decide

Teaching Personnel’s Future Teachers Programme is designed to put the next generation of educators on their paths to success. We sort recent graduates out with paid teaching placements at primary and secondary schools, free of charge.

Once they’re placed in schools, our Future Teachers can rely of a wealth of support and free training resources that help them develop their talents and get the most from the experience.

If you’d like an up-close, working knowledge of the daily life of education professionals – and to get paid for your time - then sign up to the Future Teachers Programme today.

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