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What does the Welsh framework mean for Teaching Personnel?

14/01/2020 Anthony

In August 2019, the Welsh Government rolled out a new teaching framework that advises schools on which agencies they should use for their supply cover. Named the National Procurement Services Framework Agreement for the provision of temporary workers and supply teachers, the framework has had a significant impact on the way Welsh schools source supply teachers. The good news is that Teaching Personnel has been named as one of the preferred agencies as part of this framework. Here’s what it means for teaching staff, schools and the education community:

About the Welsh teaching framework

The framework came into play at the start of the 2019/2020 school year. While schools are still free to source and engage qualified supply teachers from wherever they see fit, the NPS Framework Agreement was put in place to assist with this decision and help schools to recruit temporary staff through a national framework across Wales.

Because there are a wide range of education supply agencies operating throughout the UK, the framework sets out the minimum criteria that schools and supply teachers should expect from the agencies they choose to engage with. The framework also supports fair pay, with the Welsh government recommending supply teachers take the framework’s recommendations into consideration when selecting agencies for their next job.

The selected agencies recommended by the framework have passed the procurement process and are Welsh Government-approved. This means they have been declared to be the preferred options for Welsh schools and candidates, making it easier for Welsh schools to find qualified, vetted supply teachers and for supply teachers to find local jobs with transparent pay rates.

Teaching Personnel’s place on the framework

Teaching Personnel’s status on the framework for the provision of temporary workers and supply teachers is significant for us as a business. The status means we’re a Welsh government-approved agency, recommended to schools across our catchments of Cardiff and South, Mid and West Wales.

The framework enables transparency in fees payable to schools, ethical standards are met, supply teachers are protected and minimum quality standards and safeguarding obligations are met by every agency that is approved by the framework. Because schools and candidates are encouraged to use the framework when selecting supply agencies, Teaching Personnel’s place on the list is a major achievement for us. We always aim to meet and exceed standards and ensure both our candidates and clients are treated fairly, transparently and with the best service possible.

Being recognised by the Welsh government in this way is testament to our Wales teams’ efforts and means we will continue to deliver excellent levels of supply teacher recruitment in this area. As a preferred supplier of agency staff to the education sector across the United Kingdom, we’re delighted to be pushing forward with high levels of service in Wales and look forward to working with more schools – and education supply staff - in the future.

“We are delighted to have been offered a place on this framework. Teaching Personnel is proud to provide an excellent service to our client schools and fair pay and conditions for our registered candidates. Being on the framework helps to reinforce this. We are committed to upholding the standards of the framework and continuing to provide the right staff for the right pupils at the right time.”

Work with us in Wales

If you’re a supply teacher looking for your next supply job in Wales, we’re in the perfect position to help you. Contact your local office to get started. If you’re a school in Wales that doesn’t yet work with us, you can find out more about looking for staff with Teaching Personnel here.

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