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New funding pledged for UK-German Connection educational scheme

24/07/2017 Joanna

A fresh batch of funding has been committed to support the long-running UK-German Connection (UKGC) educational programme.

Ministers from the British and German governments have agreed to double the amount of funding allocated to the scheme, which will bring the total to around £230,000, split equally between contributions by UK and German public bodies.

UKGC was established in 2004 and is designed to provide schoolchildren and young people in both countries to make connections, learn more about each other's cultures and become more proficient in both German and English.

One of the key components of the project is the Host-a-Teacher programme, in which German teachers take short-term secondments in UK schools, which aid professional development and are often followed up with return visits to German schools.

Also included is a Youth Ambassador scheme, which sees British and German teenagers work together to develop common projects, with recent examples including studies of identity and the role of young people in society, the state of Europe after the Brexit referendum, and life in a digital world. Additionally, UKGC also helps to facilitate school group visits to Germany.

With this new injection of funds, the number of places available on the scheme will be increased, while expanding the range of services offered to those in youth groups and in the primary, secondary and further education sectors.

Education secretary Justine Greening said: "Learning about different cultures is an integral part of education, and initiatives like UK-German Connection give young people first-hand experience of new language and history, which is why we are pleased to support it."

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