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Schools and businesses 'should work together to improve careers guidance'

17/07/2017 Joanna

The results of the CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey has indicated that 84 per cent of British businesses do not feel the quality of careers advice young people receive in schools is currently good enough, with 35 per cent saying there is too little advice and support on how to make work experience places worthwhile.

Moreover, 50 per cent referred to a lack of awareness among young people of the education routes they need to take to enter particular careers, while 49 per cent said the way careers advice is delivered does not align with the needs of industry, which leads to skill shortages.

However, the report also indicated that increased collaboration between schools and businesses may be the way to address these issues, with 81 per cent of companies saying they have at least some links with schools or colleges.

This is a trend that is ramping up, with 31 per cent of employers with established links to primary schools having increased their engagement over the past year, rising to 35 per cent for secondary schools and 45 per cent for further education colleges.

The report also showed that 21 per cent of companies are aware of the Careers and Enterprise Company - the recently created body tasked with improving business/school links - with 75 per cent of those surveyed indicating a willingness to play a greater role by delivering careers advice directly in schools and colleges.

Josh Hardie, deputy director-general at the CBI, said: "Quality of teaching, learning and careers inspiration defines the life chances of young people - it's a shared challenge for us all. Businesses are committed to supporting schools, increasingly at primary level, to help bring lessons to life and open up opportunities beyond the school gates."

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