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Welsh ministers donate musical instruments for use in schools

01/08/2017 Joanna

Members of the Welsh Assembly have donated unwanted musical instruments for use in schools, ahead of a nationwide campaign coming later this year.

The instruments will be used during music lessons by pupils across Wales and cabinet secretary Kirsty Williams praised members of the Assembly for leading by example.

"I am delighted with the first Welsh government and National Assembly for Wales Musical Instrument Amnesty," she said, adding the instruments will be given a "new lease of life" by young people.

Ms Williams said she is "committed" to making sure children have access to a musical instrument if they are inspired to start playing, so they can "develop their performance and playing skills".

The scheme acted as a pilot for the upcoming national musical instrument amnesty, which is set to take place in November. Organised by the Welsh Local Government Association, it will encourage anyone who has any unwanted musical instruments that are of good quality to donate them, so they can be passed on for use in schools across Wales.

Presiding officer of the National Assembly for Wales Elin Jones AM said having access to a good quality musical instrument is "so important". 

"It is crucial to overcome barriers to young people playing," she noted, adding that learning to play a musical instrument gives young people a way to express themselves.

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