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Could supply teaching in London be your best career move yet?

30/05/2018 Anthony

Supply teaching is a career choice that benefits a wide variety of people, thanks to its flexible nature, array of opportunities and any number of perks that come with choosing this lifestyle. And with 1,307 schools ranked good or outstanding, London is the ideal place to build your supply teaching career and embrace all that it has to offer. Here’s why it could be perfect for you:

Parents returning to work

Parents who have taken time out after having children often find the ability to ‘dip their toe’ back into teaching a fantastic way to ease into work – or indeed, establish a career that suits their new responsibilities and priorities. Around one in four teachers who leave the profession are women aged between 30 and 39, a figure which is likely linked to maternity and childcare. Many of these professionals look to return to teaching as their children get older, which is when the flexibility of supply teaching is perhaps at its most appealing. Department for Education figures show the number of ex-teachers returning to work rose by 15% from 2011 to 2014, which presents a key opportunity for schools looking to fill supply teaching gaps.

If you’re considering returning to the workforce after having children, supply teaching could be the perfect place to start. Not only will it allow you to reaffirm your passion for teaching – without committing to the timeframes required of full-time permanent teachers – but you can tailor it to fit around your childcare schedule. Whether you want to regularly work two days a week or can only commit to short bursts of teaching during term time, there will be a supply teaching opportunity to suit.

Teachers looking to make a move

Teachers from the UK, Europe and elsewhere around the world will find London an exciting destination in which to live and work. The city is rife with opportunity, with 98% of newly qualified teachers getting a job within six months, according to the Mayor of London. As an international education hub, the city attracts some of the best and brightest teachers from all corners of the world, with a thriving school scene that sees attainment and exam results rising every year. More than 300 languages are spoken in London schools, and teachers have the opportunity to interact with and learn from different communities around this diverse city.

With 33 local education authorities in Greater London and dozens of schools within each catchment, you could choose to work close to home for convenience or experience different boroughs in order to see more of the city. Add in a sophisticated public transport system, countless attractions to explore between supply teaching assignments and the fact that you’ll live in one of the best cities in the world, and London becomes a very attractive place in which to teach.

Those who want freedom, flexibility and variety

Moving from permanent full-time or part-time teaching to supply teaching offers a significant number of benefits. First and foremost is the freedom and flexibility you have in the roles you take on. If you love travelling and taking time off, supply teaching can fit around your holidays. For those who want part-time hours without the commitment of a long-term contract, supply teaching allows you to pick and choose your assignments. Administrative tasks like marking homework, planning lessons, meetings and parent evenings are for the most part removed, freeing you up to focus on pure teaching – and your time off.

While permanent teachers can stay within schools - and even classrooms – for years at a time, supply teaching allows you to experience life in schools around the city. Not only will you be able to learn from different teaching professionals, you’ll also be able to try your hand teaching different subjects, age levels and in new environments. This can accelerate your professional development and open your eyes to new ways of approaching teaching.

As for other perks of supply teaching, there are plenty. From ‘test driving’ schools and London locations before committing to a more permanent position through to establishing a positive work-life balance, there are numerous benefits to this career option. Find out more about supply teaching in London today.

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