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Why do teachers work with Teaching Personnel? An insider’s perspective

25/10/2019 Anthony

Teachers and teaching staff working in the United Kingdom have an abundance of choice when it comes to their career options, and indeed who they work with to find their next teaching positions. So why do so many opt to return to Teaching Personnel time and time again?

We’ve spoken before about the abundance of choice on offer at Teaching Personnel, with more than 80 branches across the UK and relationships with more than 5,000 schools ensuring that primary and secondary teachers, teaching assistants and SEND staff have a huge variety of jobs available to them. We can underline the value of having specialist education consultants providing expert guidance and support on everything from renewing your DBS check to progressing your career in different schools and locations. But why hear it from us when you can hear it from teachers themselves?

We asked teachers and education staff who work with Teaching Personnel to tell us more about why they’ve chosen us over other education recruiters, and more about the service they’ve received. Here’s what they told us:

“After joining Teaching Personnel, I was immediately found work and placed in a school”

A common theme among the responses we received was Teaching Personnel’s speed of service. One teacher said that since she was placed, she’s been fortunate to have two long-term placements and has never been out of work. Another said that she was matched with a school straight away, and since then has been offered placements in different schools to ensure she has a wide range of experiences and exposure to children of different learning abilities and ages. Another teacher sums Teaching Personnel’s commitment to providing ongoing opportunities up with her experience: “From the time I got myself registered, there have only been four days when I haven’t had a job or haven’t been working, and they were all due to personal reasons.”

“Teaching Personnel works very well for me because I need flexibility”

The education industry has seen a rise in demand for flexible work options in recent years, with options like job sharing, supply teaching and tutoring providing ways for education staff to balance their work with their lives. A teacher who spoke to us said Teaching Personnel has helped to provide the flexibility he needs in his schedule, saying that while he can’t necessarily work every day of the week, Teaching Personnel makes it easy for him to access opportunities when he is available. Another teacher says she’d recommend Teaching Personnel “whether it’s for a period of transition between careers or for gathering experience if you’re not entirely sure how you want to be involved in education”.

“They see you as a person and are interested in what you want”

People who work with us consistently highlight the personal service we provide. Consultants take the time and care to find out what teachers and teaching staff are looking for in their next role and what school might be a good fit for them.

“When I first met with my consultant, she went through the different schools, what I was looking for, where I would be best suited in terms of my previous experience working with children and where I’d like to go in the future,” says one of our teachers.

“Whatever they say they’re going to do, that’s what they do”

At Teaching Personnel, we pride ourselves on the longstanding relationships we have with both schools and teachers. We love hearing these success stories from people we work with and think they speak for themselves! See the full video below to find out more about why teachers work with Teaching Personnel:


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