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National Tutoring Programme

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Tutoring at a large scale nationally, with face to face and online models and in partnership with schools and local authorities, is a core part of our mission and our business activity.

Our success in tuition and intervention work is due to our close engagement with school leaders to understand pupil needs, tutor compatibility and ongoing feedback on effectiveness. Combined with our large-scale recruitment and deployment capability, quality assurance, safeguarding and employment checks, training, tracking and local tuition manager oversight, we can get your NTP up an running quickly.

During the last full academic year we delivered 389,523 days of tuition and intervention in 2871 schools and 80 Local Authorities. The majority of our tuition and intervention is delivered face to face, in-schools on a small group and one-to-one basis. During lockdown we also delivered 116,000 hours of tuition online.

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Our approach

We will help you provide tuition programmes for your disadvantaged pupils and support the NTP using the following framework:

  • Specialist Service
    Specialist tuition managers are in place who are experienced in working with LAC, virtual schools, SEND pupils and intervention placements. 
  • Tutor Availability and Recruitment
    We recruit tutors who are skilled/trained in this area and have the characteristics, life experience and empathy to work with disadvantaged pupils. We will provide additional training where necessary to support tutors working with these groups. Teaching Personnel has thousands of tutors available now to help support disadvantaged pupils as part of the NTP.
  • Tutor Selection
    We communicate carefully with schools to assess and understand the needs of specific pupils and groups. When deploying a tutor, we work with schools to understand not just the learning requirement but also the personality and specific challenges of the pupils. We select the best tutor to engage the pupil in learning and make it relatable to their everyday life. This also informs careful selection of 1:1 or small group, face-to-face or online tutoring as the most appropriate.
  • Assessment and Feedback
    We will use our online assessment tool (via our partner EdPlace) which quickly and efficiently identifies areas requiring intervention. This tool will help to engage pupils in their own tutoring journey from the outset allowing them to see how much progress they have made. We will also use this to identify resources and approaches that are context-specific and most likely to succeed with disadvantaged pupils as well as being age and curriculum appropriate.

    Our new LEAP portal will also ensure feedback is monitored after each session. This reporting system provides actionable insights on attendance and progress, ensuring all pupils, including the most disadvantaged, are not left behind by ensuring swift intervention is delivered when required. Using our feedback systems, we will seek to identify pupils who are at risk of disengaging and adopt relevant tools and strategies to help address these issues with schools.

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Delivery options

Our proposed model as an NTP Tuition Partner is to provide in-school tuition face-to-face to small groups of up to three pupils. Sessions will be in 15-hour blocks, with the options of:

  • 1-hour session a week for 15 weeks,
  • two 1-hour sessions a week for 7-8 weeks,
  • two 30-minute sessions a week for 15 weeks.

Where group tuition is not appropriate for some children, we can also offer programmes on a 1:1 basis.

Where preferable or in the event of pupils not being able to attend school, we are able to move all programmes online.

What our clients say

“The efficiency of Teaching Personnel, yourselves and your tutors has saved me an enormous amount of time and stress. We would be happy to use your services again in the future.”
Karen Lambert, Brampton Primary School.

“.. tutors were great and built quick and supportive relationships with our teachers, parents and children. The 'Individual Tuition Plan' and 'Passport to Success' provided an ideal framework to monitor provision. The children gained confidence very quickly and were able to transfer their new skills into their learning”
Andy Cosslett, former Headteacher, St Mary's in Ware School

94% of our tutors were rated ‘Very Good’/’Good’, with 87% ‘Very Good’ by Dorset County Council, a tutoring customer since 2017.

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