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National Tutoring Programme Charter

This following outlines the roles and responsibilities for tutors, school staff and Teaching Personnel involved in National Tutoring Programmes. It is hoped that all parties agreeing to their roles and responsibilities will ensure the programmes run efficiently and have the biggest possible impact on pupil outcomes. 

The Tutor will

  • Complete our NTP Tutor Onboarding Pathway including:

    1. Completion of our “The Tutor Toolkit” training, a free CPD Accredited online course developed by Best Practice Network. The compulsory modules must be completed in advance of starting any tuition work via the National Tutoring Programme
    2. Completion of Level 2 Safeguarding training within the last 12 months. An e-learning course is available free of charge via Teaching Personnel if required
    3. Understanding and agreeing to the objectives of the National Tutoring Programme and the roles and responsibilities of the tutor
    4. Training on the tools needed to deliver tuition for Teaching Personnel (LEAP Portal, Bramble Online Classroom, EdPlace Assessments)
  • Meet with the class teacher before the tutoring programme to discuss pre-tuition/post-tuition assessments, understand school/ pupil learning objectives for the programme, identify any special needs, plan for the tuition programme
  • Meet with pupil(s) to establish a relationship before tutoring begins (where possible)
  • Design the tailored programme for the pupil(s) to complement ongoing class work where possible, finalise objectives and agree ongoing assessment plans with the class teacher
  • Deliver the tuition face-to-face or online (or both) and adapt the content, style, format of the tuition to ensure the most effective results
    are achieved
  • Complete progress reports following every tuition session via the LEAP portal for review by the class teacher and tuition manager at Teaching Personnel
  • Liaise with the class teacher throughout the tuition programme via weekly meetings, tuition progress reports and feedback through the LEAP portal
  • Provide feedback to class teacher to review progress at the end of the tuition programme including follow up assessment results Inform the class teacher of any non-attendance of tuition sessions by pupils and report any safeguarding concerns in line with school policies
  • Comply with all relevant school policies and procedures and deliver tuition in line with government guidance in relation to COVID-19 measures

The School will

  • Complete the National Tutoring Programme Memorandum of Understanding in advance of tuition programmes starting
  • Liaise with tuition managers at Teaching Personnel to structure tuition programmes in line with the requirements of the National Tutoring Programme
  • Provide suitable locations and facilities for effective tuition to take place Identify and organise the relevant pupils to attend the tuition programme
  • Brief tutors on the pupil details and agree the objectives of the tuition programme including assessment methodology
  • Complete e-learning on tools available for delivery of the National Tutoring programme with Teaching Personnel including LEAP, EdPlace and Bramble
  • Work with tutors, class teachers and tuition managers at Teaching Personnel to ensure all tuition records are completed and maintained on the LEAP portal
  • Work with tutors and tuition managers at Teaching Personnel to ensure pupils can complete online assessments via EdPlace (where relevant) at the beginning and end of tuition programmes
  • Work with the tutor to ensure the sessions are planned effectively in line with the needs of the pupils and in line with National Tutoring Programme requirements
  • Chase-up pupils regarding non-attendance of tutoring sessions and advise tutors of any non-attendance

Teaching Personnel will

  • Deploy specialist tuition managers to oversee all placements relating to the National Tutoring Programme and act as the liaison between tutors and schools/MATs
  • Recruit, vet and onboard all suitably qualified tutors
  • Arrange tuition programmes with schools in blocks of 15 hours face-to-face or online in no more than groups of six. Sessions can be run during the school day with evenings, weekends and school holidays an option as required
  • Provide tutors and schools with free access to online assessments via EdPlace in all year groups and key stages for English, maths and science
  • Provide tutors and schools with access to a bespoke tuition portal called LEAP to view progress reports, assessment and meeting notes
  • Provide tutors and schools with free access to Bramble our online classroom for any tuition programmes where online delivery is required
  • Liaise with tutors regarding specific tuition programme booking arrangements
  • Oversee the completion of assessments via EdPlace and tuition progress reports via the LEAP portal
  • Process tutor payments for tuition sessions and corresponding charges to schools in line with National Tutoring Programme models
  • Provide induction briefing to tutors on the National Tutoring Programme, technology platforms, roles and responsibilities
  • Provide free and effective tutor training to all tutors via a bespoke CPD Accredited course ‘The Tutor Toolkit’ designed by Best Practice Network
  • Ensure all pupils have completed a minimum Level 2 Safeguarding course within the last 12 months making the course available free of charge for those who need it
  • Provide schools with a bespoke National Tutoring Programme dashboard showing number of pupils being tutored, subjects being delivered, costing, delivery method
  • Work with schools to ensure their disadvantaged pupils get access to high quality, high impact heavily subsided tuition

Agree to the charter

 Once you have read and understood the above, please complete the form below to notify us that you agree to the content.

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