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Tips for Stress-free Study


1. Eat avocados

A healthy diet, a healthy brain! Obviously treat yourself but don't over indulge. Try the 5-a-day thing out. It works!

2. Drink herbal tea

A small amount of caffeine but enough to keep you going! Your brain is taking a lot of info, so keep it hydrated.

3. Don't cram

There's no point stressing yourself out even more. Why not start revising early for once?

4. Don't waffle

 Key points are easier to remember than paragraphs. Plus, examiners don't like waffle, so just stay away from it.

5. Be your own best friend

 You might look crazy, but who cares? It's been proven that speaking out helps you to remember things more.

6. Stop with the phone addiction

 You're not that popular surely? Even so, your friends should be revising too! Be the bigger person and knuckle down.

7. Get up and get moving

A strong body makes a strong mind! However much you may dread it (or love it), get some exercise in around work.

8. Staying up late isn't cool

 It might have been cool to stay up the latest when you were 12, but how old are you now? Would you rather be tired and grumpy or energetic and focused?

Note: We understand everyone's revision techniques are different. These are just tips!