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Short-Term & Supply Cover

Your local Teaching Personnel team is perfectly placed to help you manage your short-term and supply cover requirements. Your consultant will have the full range of local teachers, tutors, teaching assistants and cover supervisors fully cleared and available to cover your supply requirements at very short notice. 

Through innovations and technology such as Supply Pools, Supply Cover Diary, myTP Portal and SupplyMaps we help schools and MATs understand, control and get the most from their flexible workforces. manage their short-term staffing requirements 

We provide:

What we can provide

  • Key Stage and subject specialist teachers
  • Cover supervisors
  • Teaching assistants 
  • Tutors
  • SEN-experienced teaching and support staff 

We work fast and accurately to provide you with cover, and always give you an honest assessment of who is available and when they can be with you.

As with our long-term and permanent staffing solutions, our supply staff are fully vetted to the highest standards possible.

How short-term and emergency supply staffing works 

  1. The school contacts their local Teaching Personnel branch with short-term or emergency staffing requirements.
  2. Your consultant takes down all the details of your requirements including date and duration of booking, educator type and specialism along with any special instructions or requirements you have.
  3. Once we have the details, we search for the best match available among local educators. We contact them and book in the best match available.
  4. Your consultant telephones you with confirmation and details of the booked educator.
  5. Once you confirm, our system will send an email booking providing details of your educator and details of their vetting checks.
  6. Your educator arrives at school on time, ready and eager to support the school in delivering a quality education for its pupils.

A reliable partner for short-term staffing 

Our service is grounded in the close relationships our sector specialist consultants build with nearby schools. We do this in tandem with growing and maintaining locally-based teacher and teaching assistant 'pools' that fully reflect the demand for supply cover in each area.

We can provide schools with same-day emergency cover as well as staff for longer-term absences. If you would like to discuss your supply cover requirements with your local recruitment consultant, please contact your local office today.

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