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Pupil interventions

Successful schools are now raising standards and improving pupil attainment at all levels through a variety of forms of pupil intervention; with one-to-one tuition, revision courses and small group tuition playing a crucial role.

Many flexible interventions are being funded through the Pupil Premium, helping those pupils from low income backgrounds as well as 'looked after children'; two groups historically with lower attainment than their peers. At Teaching Personnel we're committed to helping schools 'narrow the achievement gap' for these pupils and with head teachers seeking the most efficient and effective methods of raising pupil attainment, we believe our suite of pupil intervention programmes help schools deliver the best results for pupils.

For more information please send us your enquiry or contact your local branch.

How many hours of one-to-one or small group tuition would benefit your pupils?

Use this tool to calculate your Pupil Intervention Opportunity. Just enter the funds you are able to allocate and we'll do the rest of the maths to tell you how many hours of one-to-one or small group tuition we can provide!