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EdPlace Research Project

Year 6 Maths Teachers/Tutors needed for research project

We’re looking for qualified teachers to work on a research project with our partners at EdPlace.  Details of the project can be found below.  We only need five teachers and you must have UK QTS.  

If you are interested, please complete the short form at the bottom of the page asap.  

About EdPlace 

Our mission is to get students succeeding. We provide interactive worksheets, assessments and revision materials to guide students on a personalized learning journey, that helps increase their grades and comprehension in English, maths and science. All our activities are aligned to the National Curriculum and cover key stages 1 to 4.  

About the project

We’re running a 4-week study whereby Year 6 students will be assessed on how effectively EdPlace can help improve their exam-readiness in Maths pre-SATs exams.

Your role

You will oversee 10 students online via the EdPlace platform. Your role will be to assign topic-based worksheets each week to the student to help improve their maths skills to prepare them for exams.  

Each student will take an initial end of key stage 2 assessment that will breakdown their overall comprehension by topic to help you create a personalized learning plan for them. 

You will be required to log in once a week to monitor each student’s progress and assign new worksheets and activities for the following week. The worksheets and activities will need to be assigned on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday ready for students to complete them during the new week.  Up to 4 hours a week will be needed for monitoring progress and assigning appropriate worksheets, but actual workload is likely to be between 2-4 hours depending on your students. 

You will not have direct contact with the students; however, if you would like to supply them with additional notes throughout the study, EdPlace can facilitate this. You will also need to supply a short end of study feedback summary for the parents, outlining each student’s progress and achievements over the 4-weeks – EdPlace will supply a template for this.

You will have full access to our library of worksheets, assessments and revision materials across all year groups. Students will also have access to maths tutorial videos in their account which you will be able to recommend they watch as well, if required. We will provide you with full training and overview of your EdPlace teacher account and student account prior to starting the programme.


£15 per hour 


• Understanding of the National Curriculum
• 5+ Years maths teaching experience
• Key Stage 2 experience
• Available to start the study and undertake EdPlace online training wc. 2nd April. 2 hours is all that is needed for the training.
• Able to commit to a minimum of 2 hours a week (may vary depending on students' needs) to assign topics and review each student’s progress on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday
• Access to a computer and the internet

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