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Accessing Education and Learning

A Real Understanding

We understand that pupils have significant learning difficulties whose needs cannot always be met from within a mainstream school setting. These pupils may be Looked After Children or children not currently in formal education. Providing education for these young learners often requires a flexible approach to staffing, not least because the need for staff can fluctuate throughout the year as more referrals are made and as pupils needs are identified. We recognise how vitally important it is to be appropriately staffed during these times.

Our Experience Delivering Tuition and Support to Virtual Schools

We currently work with over 40 local authorities across England and Wales providing a flexible workforce and tailored service to meet the needs of each school and service. Providing access to education for vulnerable learner groups with or without a school place is an ongoing challenge to all local authorities. Having over 70 branches across England and Wales we are well placed to support you. This reach ensures you can increase the speed and access to education learning for all of your learners as and when the need arises.

Child Protection Services

  • Our large Central Vetting Control Department ensures 100% compliance in vetting standards
  • Our rigorous vetting policy ensures the highest standards of compliance and this is supported with a unique vetting records service (securely visible to you online)
  • Our candidates have access to child protection training

Candidates for Every Child

We provide you with access to a flexible workforce of teaching and support staff for:

  • Hourly/sessional tuition in the home, school or other suitable setting
  • Staff for part and full day one-to-one and small group learning
  • Re-integration into school placements
  • Tailored Learning

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