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Yorkshire school enjoys Olympian's visit

24/06/2009 Joanna
Pupils at Batley Girls' High School welcomed Olympic gold medallist Tom James as he reviewed their school's eco-credentials.

Mr James was treated to a tour of the school to see how it has made itself more sustainable, reports the Yorkshire Evening Post.

The school children showed off their new allotment, which is used by the school kitchen to grow fresh produce.

Afterwards he watched a demonstration of the latest water sports machines at the nearby Batley Sports and Tennis Centre.

His tour came ahead of EDF Energy's Green Britain Day, which the company plans to use to highlight the use of renewable energy.

The Post reported Mr James said: "Green Britain Day aims to try and bring a way of encouraging communities to make a difference to the environment and to help reduce our carbon footprint."

Gardening and getting involved in growing natural produce "is both educational and healthy for children", says advice site
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