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Working hours 'have fallen for primary teachers in the Midlands and around the UK'

14/09/2009 Joanna
A nationwide survey of teachers has found that while primary teachers are working fewer hours than last year, other staff, including primary school headteachers, are burdened with longer days.

Commenting on the study's findings, schools minister Vernon Coaker urged local authorities and governing bodies to do more to reduce head and teacher workloads.

He said schools had to check teachers were using support staff effectively to free up their time and suggested they pool resources with other local institutions, such as by sharing governing bodies.

Mr Coaker reminded employers to carefully follow the framework set out in 2003's National Agreement.

The agreement's recommendations include delegating more tasks to administrative staff, only rarely asking teachers to cover for absent colleagues and allowing them at least one afternoon a week for planning and assessment.

In related news, schools secretary Ed Balls has urged schools to consider following a co-operative model by involving local families, businesses and community groups more with their governance.

Written by Tim Colman

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