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Worcestershire pupils 'perform better at school than college'

31/03/2011 Joanna
A report on A-level results in the Worcestershire area has revealed that students tend to perform better when they attend a school sixth form, rather than a college.

Stuart Laverick, principal at Worcester College of Technology, said this could be down to the fact that pupils are not equally funded.

"Schools will add on more additionalities, although the government has said they're going to bring parity to per pupil funding that will level the playing field," he told the Evesham Journal.

"We do give our students additionalities that are relevant but we don't tend to give them more than schools."

Bernard Roberts, headteacher at Evesham's Prince Henry's High School, suggested that students in school sixth forms benefit from having the opportunity to study extra subjects.

A report published this month by the National Audit Office suggested that some of the Some of the £6 billion being spent on education for 16 to 18-year-olds may be going to waste as a result of poor budgeting and performance management.

 Posted by Dolcie Thacker


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