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What teachers have to say about Teaching Personnel!!!!!

18/06/2008 Joanna

"I decided to get in touch with Teaching Personnel because I was having such a hard time getting teaching jobs in Canada.  A friend was in the UK and had put me in touch with my consultant Kathy.  Kathy was excellent at helping find work right away and I was lucky enough to get a contract position for the summer term right away.  She has been especially helpful at helping me sort out all the paperwork and logistics that I wouldn't have been able to do myself otherwise.  Originally I had only wanted to teach in London for a few months, but I am loving it so much that I have no plans to leave for at least the next year."

By Jessica M.


"I was in my final year at Adelaide University, South Australia when two Teaching Personnel representatives (Kathy and Caroline) did a presentation of what the UK and TP had to offer new teachers. I left the presentation inspired about where I could go once I graduated.  Kathy kept in contact with me, accommodating any changes of plans that I had.  She came back and visited my Uni again the following year and we caught up for dinner, just a part of TP's personal approach I guess! When I finally set a date to come to the UK, it was less than 4 weeks until she had found me a job. I had a phone interview with the school and they accepted me on the spot. The school even found me accommodation so I had a job and a home before I'd even left Australia! Since then I have worked more than 100 days in the UK"

By Emily N



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