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Welsh students 'need good computer skills'

05/07/2011 Joanna
It is important that young people in Wales have a good grasp of computer skills.

This is according to Welsh deputy minister for Skills Jeff Cuthbert, who said it is important to the economy that students begin developing these skills from a young age.

Speaking at the recent Computing at School Conference for teachers in Swansea, he outlined the importance of focusing on this area.

"I want to make sure that all learners in Wales have access to digital technologies and that they have the skills to make the best use of them. We want learners to fulfil their potential and Wales to prosper in a digital society," Mr Cuthbert commented.

"As ICT is increasingly a part of life outside of school, so it should be regarded as an everyday part of life within school. We need to have high expectations of what learners can achieve."

He praised the Technocamps project, which is led by Swansea University in partnership with the Universities of Bangor, Aberystwyth and Glamorgan, and aims to engage young people with technology and computing.

"It is vital that we encourage young people to engage with STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, so I was delighted by the setting up of Technocamps. Solving real problems can give learners opportunities to develop STEM literacy," Mr Cuthbert said.

He added that although ICT has developed significantly over the last decade, there is still more to do.

Learners should be encouraged to develop the higher level technology skills that will open doors for them in the future, Mr Cuthbert continued.

UK technology trade body Intellect suggested earlier this year that students are not being taught a wide enough range of ICT skills. The organisation claimed that the curriculum is too focused on teaching children how to use a small number of programmes.

Posted by Katy Kearns


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