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Welsh headteachers given snow guidance

15/12/2010 Joanna
Headteachers in Wales have been given guidance on how to deal with closures and adverse weather conditions.

Education minister Leighton Andrews noted that the country has already experienced a cold snap, which led to the closure of many schools.

"Parents and I are concerned about the number of days of schooling children are losing due to snow and ice, and we want to make sure, as we head into another winter, that head teachers are aware of the assessments that should be made before a school is closed," he commented.

The guidelines outline the actions headteachers can take to keep their schools open and also contain risk assessment forms.

If schools must close for safety reasons, they are advised to consider distance learning options, particularly for students that are sitting exams next summer.

Half of the country's schools closed last winter due to snow and ice on the roads.

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