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Welsh education minister welcomes new disciplinary guidance

01/11/2010 Joanna
Welsh education minister Leighton Andrews has welcomed new powers coming into force under the Education and Inspection Act 2006, which clarify teachers' roles when it comes to classroom discipline and exclusions.

"It is important that pupils are protected, are treated fairly and consistently and know what behaviour is acceptable in and out of school. Teachers in turn must be clear what powers are available to them to discipline pupils, and how they might apply them when needed," he said.

However, Mr Andrews noted that the emphasis remains on schools maintaining an environment that encourages positive behaviour and lessons the need for disciplinary sanctions.

This comes on the day that teachers in Wales have been given the power to check students they suspect of carrying knives and other dangerous weapons under the Violent Crime Reduction Act.

Mr Andrews added that it is important schools and colleges are safe places and provide the best possible environment for young people.
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