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Welcome From Emily

08/06/2009 Joanna

Hey there, my name is Emily!  Having just been recruited into the international department for Teaching Personnel I am going to write a blog and tell you all a little about myself.  Known to my friends back home as Em, Little Em, Big Em, Em's, Emmie, and Emmo, you might take a stab and guess where I come from.... that's right, I'm an Aussie!  Now living in London I am known as nothing other than a descendent of a convict and referred to as a thief, robber, petty crim, etc by my English housemates who also tease me about capsicums (which are known as peppers) and anything else they can use to take the mickey.

I trained as a Primary Teacher and went on to specialise in the Early Childhood field and worked for three years at home as a Kindergarten Teacher and Director.

Some of my friends were coming to teach in the UK, and in 2008 I made some enquiries through Teaching Personnel, met Pete Brook over the phone and got the application process rolling.  Pete was really encouraging however my savings were low, too much partying at home, and I started to get cold feet.  Pete kept the calls coming (he was very supportive) and assured me that even with my lack of funds I would be ok in London, there is plenty of work.  Sensing my fear Pete took charge and booked me in for a face to face interview in London for the 30th December.  It was November, Cup Weekend in Melbourne, I must have been drinking when I came up with the hair brained idea to use my summer holiday pay to fund my entire trip.  There was no turning back, I went straight to STA travel and booked my flights! I have never been so EXCITED and SCARED in all my life!

Pete was right and as soon as school went back at the start of Jan I had a constant flow of work, the agency couldn't get enough of me, sending me here there and everywhere with day to day work.  The daily supply was really exciting, I found my way on the tube, popping up in random suburbs and exploring little parts of London on a daily basis.  It was great to see a variety of schools, and every day was an AMAZING ADVENTURE. 

I landed myself a full time role, at a school in HACKNEY..... THE DREADED HACKNEY.... OH NO... but wait... I actually loved every minute of it!  People talk about ‘Bad schools' ‘Bad areas' across London, I worked in a lot of schools as supply and there was not one school I didn't like, or wouldn't have returned to.  Yes I even worked in Hackney with an amazing group of young teachers, delightful children, and supportive families who welcomed me warmly into their community.   I told myself each day that I was going to approach each new school with a positive attitude, and in return I had positive experiences, and yes some days were harder than others, but each new day came with a clean slate, and a new fun adventure to take.

When I arrived I took advantage of Teaching Personnel as much as possible, attending free orientation evenings, training seminars and of course teacher drinks, where I made heaps of friends with likeminded international teachers.  It was a really good way to meet people, and now I have a large group of friends to travel Europe with.

Having had such an exciting and positive experience in London thus far, I have joined Teaching Personnel's international recruitment department to assist other international teachers to take the step of a lifetime and come and teach in the UK.  I look forward to the opportunity of meeting prospective teachers, going through the recruitment process and finding the right match for you in terms of schools and teaching positions.  If you are planning on coming to the UK to teach please feel free to contact the international office and we can make time to call you, and answer any questions you have talking from our personal experiences.  My theory is that if I can do it anyone can, I just wish I had done it sooner!

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