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Video Games Ambassadors scheme 'good news for pupils'

04/04/2011 Joanna
The launch of the new Video Games Ambassadors mentoring scheme is "good for young people, good for education and good for the games industry".

This is the opinion of Will Freeman, deputy editor of Develop magazine, who welcomed the initiative and said it will provide a fantastic opportunity for young people.

The mentoring scheme has been developed by Stemnet, the organisation tasked with promoting science, technology, engineering and maths subjects in British schools, in partnership with the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment.

"It's a superb opportunity for youngsters – the problem for the games industry and educators for a long time has been that, although at university level there are ways to learn about games development, earlier on in education so far they've mainly relied on teachers who aren't necessarily specialists," he commented.

Mr Freeman added that because the games industry is relatively young, many of those teaching at primary level have little knowledge about the sector.

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