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Vacancies for September 2007

22/06/2007 Joanna
Every few weeks we update our teachers on positions available over here in the UK.  This is of particular interest to overseas teachers who are here and who might consider moving to a new area for a new job.  It helps us to remain proactive, to match the right teacher to the right school and to keep our teachers well informed. 
Hello again everyone
It is now only 4 weeks to go until our Summer Holidays. That's 28 days or 672 hours or 40320 minutes (Wait, that still seems a long time away?).  Well, at Teaching Personnel we will need everyone of those 40320 minutes, because we are flat-out telling our schools about our teachers who are seeking positions for September and we are working on matching our teachers to the 574 vacancies that schools have already placed with us for September. 
Yes 574 vacancies! This weeks Vacancy Bulletin is a lengthy one.  Already, we have confirmed the equivalent of 70 teachers into full-time September positions (but in reality it is even more as some teachers are in part-time positions).
I hope this reassures you about how much work is available over here and remember, this is only an indication of long-term vacancies, there are also daily / relief and short-term positions available once you arrive in the UK. 
For those of you who have already secured positions for September, Congratulations! 
Kathy Elvin
International Team Leader, Teaching Personnel
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