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UK seen as benchmark for arts education

09/05/2016 Joanna

The UK has been hailed as a leader in the education of the arts, with nations such as China, South Korea and Malaysia using the western model as a template for their own teaching, the Telegraph has reported.

While Asia tends to lead the way in maths and the sciences, these nations openly admit their shortcomings when it comes to artistic subjects. In a bid to overcome this, they are taking inspiration from the UK, as well as inviting UK schools to open branches overseas.

According to Bernice McCabe, headmistress of the North London Collegiate School, the UK is hailed by many nations for "developing creativity through our inspirational teaching and rich extra-curricular programmes, encouraging pupils to take on individual responsibilities and become leaders".

The benefits of studying the arts are now being seen more than ever, not only because of the career opportunities these subjects themselves can provide, but because of the creativity they encourage, that is transferable to any job role.

In addition, the arts are now being used as an innovative teaching method for more academic subjects. 

"The arts are critical to maintaining a balanced intellect, to developing the ability to think creatively in future roles, to encourage risk taking," Ms McCabe stated. 

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