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UK primary schools forge links across Europe

27/04/2016 Joanna

Schools in Britain have been forging links with other institutions across Europe, with one primary school in Newcastle leading the pack.

Archibald First School in Gosforth has made links with schools in Germany, Poland and Spain in a collaboration that will see teachers learning from their European peers.

In addition to this, the children are taking part in activities that see them communicating with pupils from the other schools. 

Jane Linfoot, a teacher at Archibald, said: "It’s good to recognise these cultures. It’s on the curriculum for the children to learn about Europe and they are our nearest neighbours. The project is about trying to find those things that are common between the schools. It’s seeing the similarities as well as the differences, things we can learn from each other."

The number of primary schools that teach foreign languages in the UK is increasing, as it's known that children can be much more receptive to learning a new language at a young age.

Archibald has taught German for a number of years, which is what led to the original pairing with a school in Germany - and has now switched to Spanish.

Speaking after visiting Bülseschule in Gelsenkirchen, Ms Linfoot said: "We went to visit their kindergarten and it was very interesting what do they do with children aged two to six. They go outside quite a lot, and they have one day without toys where the children have to play with everyday objects - the theory behind that is very interesting."

The idea of partnering with other European schools is becoming more popular, and following this successful partnership, it's hoped that more schools will become involved. 

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