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UK leads in assessment practices

04/05/2016 Joanna

School assessments practices in the UK are the best in the world, according to a report conducted by McKinsey.

The report, although conducted in 2010, has received recent appraisal by Greg Watson, CEO of GL Assessment. He confirmed that Britain is still leading the pack, with assessment practices having improved even further in recent years.

This, Mr Watson stated, is down to the level of freedom the government has given schools in the last few years. He says that they "have been innovative in general in terms of offering a blend of public, private and third-sector engagement", with the increased freedom "encouraging innovation".

Mr Watson has noted that a key innovation is formative assessment, which schools are able to use once they reach Ofsted's top ratings.

Formative assessment, rather than looking entirely at scores, is an ongoing method that allows for self-development.

In addition, Mr Watson praises the increased use of technology to improve practices.

He also urges schools to look at different global trends when it comes to adapting teaching methods, as different nations excel in different areas. For example, if a school were looking at adapting maths teaching, it would pay to look to Shanghai, which leads the world in this subject.

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