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UK 'lagging behind in English and maths'

24/05/2011 Joanna
The UK is trailing behind other countries when it comes to English and maths, it has been claimed.

Nick Seaton, secretary of the Campaign for Real Education, said he believes children in Britain are falling behind in terms of attainment in these areas.

"I do think that it is very important that all youngsters, whatever they are going to do in life have a good grasp of English. I think that compelling them to retake GCSE English if they haven't got a good grade makes sense and will benefit the youngsters in the long run," he commented.

Mr Seaton added that there is "no doubt" the UK needs to "buck up its ideas" in order to get standards on a par with other nations.

Speaking earlier this week, education secretary Michael Gove said huge numbers of pupils are leaving school without a good grasp of English and maths.

 Posted by Dolcie Thacker

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