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UK education might not be preparing pupils for working life

03/11/2015 Joanna
British education is not successfully preparing pupils for working life, experts have said. A survey of education experts by Gallup consultancy revealed that UK schools and universities are achieving standards similar to those in Sub-Saharan Africa and the former Soviet Union. 

The results suggest that the long-standing traditions of British institutions are preventing them from providing clever ways to make internships meaningful, with too much emphasis being placed on theory.

No more than four in ten education experts believe that UK schools are adequately preparing students for work. In contrast, six in ten believe that students in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are prepared for beginning their careers.

Brandon Busteed of Gallup said: "You'd think very developed economies and highly developed education systems like the one in the UK would have a greater alignment with the work place. But there is dissatisfaction everywhere.There is a very real disconnect on what is being taught and the experience students are getting."

UK experts are much more positive about the country's education than the global average. The group surveyed was made up of teachers, recent graduates, policy makers and members of the private sector. 46 per cent of UK respondents thought that students in Britain were prepared for work after education, compared to the global average of 23 per cent. 

Commenting on the results, experts from Gallup suggested that a lack of relevant internships was a key factor in the results. 

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