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Transparency of school league tables 'to be improved'

11/03/2011 Joanna
The government is set to overhaul school league tables and make them more transparent.

Parents will be able to see how well schools do in individual subjects and see expulsion and attendance records, the Daily Telegraph reports.

At present, league tables only reveal what proportion of a school's students achieved five A* to C-grade GCSEs.

A coalition government source told the publication that this will help to improve transparency and accused the previous Labour administration of trying to hide the "shocking performance of some of our schools".

"While England's education system slipped behind in the world the last government hid the real performance of schools," the newspaper was informed.

"Their league table measures artificially rose over time thanks to schools gaming the system. We will publish as much data as possible so parents and teachers can really see what is going on in schools."

The government said earlier this year that it aims to provide parents with the educational equivalent of a comparison website.

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