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Traditional Monopoly Pub Tour

03/01/2008 Joanna

Teaching Personnel are pleased to announce their upcoming social events.  From January - July 2008 international teachers will receive invites to a Traditional Monopoly Pub Tour, Scavenger Hunt, Karaoke Night, Paint Ball, Curry Night, Pub Quiz and Summer Party!  These social events run alongside a comprehensive calendar for Professional Development and these evenings provide wonderful opportunities for teachers from overseas to meet fellow supply teachers and also their local TP Recruitment Consultants.

If you are registered with Teaching Personnel or arrive in the UK in early January, this social calendar kicks off with a Monopoly Pub Tour on Saturday the 19th of January.  This is sure to be a fun filled event, with teachers and staff dressing up to represent their countries colours, as a celebrity, sporting hero or a national icon! Invitations will be emailled to you with all the details shortly. 

If you are not registered with Teaching Personnel and you'd like to know more about how to get lots of work, excellent rates of pay and invitations to some of the things you just have to do while you're living in the UK then contact Teaching Personnel's international team today on

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