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25/06/2008 Joanna

Continuous Professional Development

Keeping abreast of the latest developments in teaching theory and practice will help you to deliver the best in the classroom.  But as a supply teacher, you often miss out on the training that is available to full-time teachers.  Our face-to-face and distance learning courses run in conjunction with the Institute of Education and our own team of experts gives you access to high quality training - completely free of charge.  We will tell you more about this upon your arrival in the UK and you will regularly receive invitations to training courses local to you.


TP Continuity

Working on supply, moving from school to school, for extended periods of time can make it hard to build up hard evidence of your professional achievements.  This also applies when you come to the UK and work as a temporary teacher.  Teaching Personnel has pioneered a scheme that provides teachers with documentary evidence of their achievements.  This "Professional Development Portfolio" is built up of CPD course certificates and classroom observations in which you have worked.

Classroom observations form part of our TP Continuity Scheme.  After working twenty days at the same school within a four-month period, you become a continuity teacher for that school.  Teaching Personnel sends our classroom observation pack to the supply cover manager of the school.  With their agreement, a senior member of teaching staff within the school will carry out an observation of your teaching at a time agreed with you.

The results of the observations are entered into a professional observations document of which you will receive a copy.  This can be added to your professional development portfolio and provides you with documentary evidence of your professional achievements.  This can aid with your smooth transition back to permanent work upon your return to your home country or into a long-term position with another Teaching Personnel school.


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