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'Tougher maths' set for science exams

07/12/2009 Joanna
Science exams are set to require more complicated mathematical questions, it has been announced.

Proposals have been introduced by regulators Ofqual that will see GCSE exams require pupils to show a higher standard of maths when answering questions than has previously been required.

It is hoped the changes will encourage greater confidence in the standard of GCSE science exams among businesses, while teachers may also need to brush up on their maths skills in order to ensure pupils are being properly prepared for the new exams.

The bodies will now consult on what the exact standards required for each science subject should be, after Ofqual looked into the issue of maths in science following complaints from scientists that pupils were not needed to show high standards of maths skills to do well in the GCSE exams.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives have announced that they would encourage more people to become science and maths teachers across Britain by offering to pay off their student loans.

The Tories claim they will introduce the measure, which is designed to plug an increasing shortage of science and maths teachers, if they are elected next year.

Written by Harriet McGowan
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