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Tories to allow parents set up schools

14/04/2010 Joanna
The Tories have unveiled plans to allow parents and other providers to create their own schools with public funding, a news report has said.

According to the BBC, Conservative leader David Cameron promised parents "the power to get a good new school in your community".

In their election manifesto, the Tories also said that all schools, including primaries, will be able to have the autonomy of academy status and committed that all pupils should read by the age of six.

In news which might be of particular interest to those looking for teaching jobs, the Tory manifesto sets out details to lift the standards of teaching, with the expectation that entrants to teaching should hold at least a 2:2 degree, BBC has reported.

In related news, shadow schools secretary Michael Gove has said that students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds should be able to attend extra lessons on Saturdays in order to have better access to sport, music and extra tuition.

Posted by Tim Colman
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