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'Toddler to graduate' school for Dorset

20/07/2009 Joanna
A new academy that could provide education from pre-school to university is to be built in the Isle of Portland.

Dorset is to host the 2012 Olympic sailing events and the government describes the new school, co-funded by the Royal Navy, as a "fitting Olympic legacy project".

Providing additional sponsorship for the school is local education expert Professor Stephen Heppell.

Professor Heppell hopes that the academy will be the first school in the UK where teaching staff provide learning from early years to adulthood.

The academy is set to open in September 2011. An additional £24 million of government money will extend the site with extra buildings by 2014.

Local secondary school Royal Manor Arts College will be replaced by the academy which will also offer the area new primary school places.

According to his blog, Professor Heppell's previous projects include helping to develop the Millennium Dome in Greenwich and the creation of an online community for headteachers.

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