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Tight budgets 'prompting surge in term-time holidays'

31/08/2010 Joanna
Cash-strapped families are increasingly opting to take their children on term-time holidays in order to avoid summer price hikes, it has been revealed.

Figures published last week by the Department of Education show that 1.4 million primary school days were lost during the 2010 spring term because of this.

Catherine Hanly, associate editor at Mumsnet, said the issue comes up again and again.

"It's really not surprising, given the price hike that happens during school holidays, that families choose to take their children on holiday during term-time," she commented.

A poll carried out by Mumsnet last year found that parents have split opinions on whether it is acceptable to take term-time breaks.

"Broadly speaking, if the holiday is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity parents were much more supportive of the decision to take a holiday in term time," Ms Hanly commented.

She added that parents are generally more relaxed about letting younger children miss school.
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