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Thousands of pupils missing class for term time breaks

13/10/2010 Joanna
British schoolchildren are missing approximately 31 million lessons each year as a result of term time holidays abroad, new research has revealed.

A poll by found that 16 per cent of children skipped school to enjoy a break overseas last year.

Of the parents who took their children away, 78 per cent asked permission from school. However, 22 per cent of these failed to do so.

"On our site, we saw a recent rise in the number of people booking to take their children abroad at times when the kids are supposed to be at school, so we were really keen to get some kind of insight into how commonplace this was," said Chris Brown, the company's founder.

He added that parents can save money by taking a holiday during the October or February half term, rather than withdrawing their children from school.

About one in six parents have lied to their child's school about term time holidays in the past, a recent poll by Teletext revealed.
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