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The ban on grammar schools could be removed

25/07/2016 Joanna

Since 1998 there has been a law against the creation of new grammar schools, however, this could now be overturned.

More than 100 MPs are backing a campaign to scrap this ban, which is due to formally restart tomorrow, after running throughout 2014.

It's thought that the campaign could now see improved success, after new education secretary Justine Greening said she is "open minded" about allowing new grammar schools to open in England.

Don Porter, the founder of Conservative Voice, the group heading up the campaign, stated: "I am absolutely delighted with the tone, style and content of the new prime minister’s agenda. In my view, a fundamental part of social mobility will be the return of grammar schools throughout the country."

The campaign will include events across the regions, as well as a social media drive.

MP Graham Brady told the Telegraph: "We know the grammar schools make a big contribution to raising standards and increasing social mobility. We should focus on making them available as widely as people want them and ensuring that entry to them is as fair as possible especially for people from less affluent backgrounds."

It's been suggested that, if the law is lifted, the first 20 new grammar schools should be created in socially deprived areas, in order to ensure they are accessible to students from a variety of backgrounds. 

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