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Teenagers 'need better maths skills'

14/06/2011 Joanna
Many universities are being forced to reduce the maths requirements on their courses because an increasing number of teenagers are leaving school without a good knowledge of the subject, it has been suggested.

According to the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME), around 180,000 students beginning university courses every year will come across some maths-related content on their courses.

Professor Julia Higgins, the organisation's chair, commented: "In the last 30 years many university subjects have become more mathematical, but the number of students with the appropriate level of mathematical skills has not risen far enough to match this."

It added that there have been reductions in content where both GCSE and A-level maths are concerned.

"Consequently, it is hard to argue that the standard represented by a particular grade in one of these qualifications has not fallen," Ms Higgins added.

The ACME recently voiced its concern over the increasing number of teenagers that are taking maths GCSE exams one or two years early.

Posted by Katy Kearns

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