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'Teenage pregnancy rates falling'

01/06/2009 Joanna
The government has welcomed the news that teenage pregnancy rates are falling.

Schools minister Jim Knight has described the latest figures as encouraging and noted the recent fall was in line with the government's Teenage Pregnancy Strategy, which was launched in 1998.

"Our strategy encourages all teenagers - both boys and girls - to delay early sexual activity, but to use contraception if they do become sexually active," said the minister.

Teaching sexual education is a difficult task for a teaching assistant, although the government is determined lessons covering the sensitive subject will soon become compulsory for even younger classes.

Under its new plans, the government has proposed sex education will become part of the curriculum for pupils aged five to 11.

According to the latest data, the number of conceptions during the first quarter of 2008 fell slightly for both the under-16 and under-18 age groups, when compared to the first quarter of 2007.

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